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Welcome again to Boland Hockey 2015! We wish all the players, schools and parents, a successful and enjoyable sporting year. Should you, your son / daughter have been nominated by your relevant school to participate in the Boland trials, you should receive the below letter from your school and must return it accordingly (before the trials). Good luck and enjoy!

29 March 2015

Dear Parents

Boland High Schools Hockey: Communication

Your son / daughter has been nominated to participate in the 1st round of the Boland High Schools Hockey trials – congratulations and well done!

This communication is intended to ensure that you are aware of the following important information.

  • • The 1st round of trials is referred to as the Regional trials.
  • • Should the player progress to the 2nd round of trials, namely the IPT trials, it is highly likely (although not guaranteed) that the player will either be selected for a Boland IPT – or Regional Team – which is an achievement to be proud of.
  • • For your son / daughter to participate at the IPT (2nd round) trials, a R 1,000 non-refundable deposit must be paid into the Boland High Schools Hockey Account (see details below). This is a non-refundable payment – if a player withdraws, this deposit will not be returned; i.e. the deposit will only be refunded if a player is not selected for any of the teams.
  • • The trial dates will be communicated via your school and can also be viewed on the Boland Hockey website (www.bolandhshockey.co.za).
  • • Also familiarise yourself with the dates for the respective tournaments (IPT or Regional). These are also available on the SASHOC website (www.sashoc.co.za).
  • • IMPORTANT: Please note that Boland High Schools Hockey is a non-profit organization – hence, unfortunately the tournament costs (travel, accommodation, kit, astro fees, management fees) are for the expense of the parents.
  • • The indicative costs of the Regional to IPT tournaments will be between R 4,500 – R 8,300 (depending on type of tournament and proximity of the venue).
  • • Three payments are due by 28/29 Apr (R 1,000), 15 May (R 2,000), 01 Jun (remainder).
  • • Note: As the U14 age group does not participate in an IPT, R 1,000 is immediately payable at team selection (around 6 May) with subsequent payments as per the above.


Account Type Cheque Account
Account Number 4051508247
Branch Paarl Branch
Reference Example U18 Trials_SurnameInitials [you MUST use the correct reference]!!

We look forward to another exciting hockey year and will rely on your support and contribution.

Please acknowledge having been made aware of the above information, by signing below and returning this letter / page soonest to your School's Hockey Representative immediately in order to ensure your son / daughter can participate in the trials.

Player's Name: _________________
Parent's Name: _________________
Parent's Signature: _________________
School: _________________
Mobile No: _________________

Thank you.
Yours sincerely

Andreas Bartsch
Boland High Schools' Hockey: Chairman

Download the Letter HERE

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